Therapeutic fasting

Cyclic fasting, or as an extra weight to turn into a source of health, beauty and longevity.

What is medical fasting?

The diet in which a person does not eat several days a month. At the same time he works, cooks food, but does not feel hunger and temptations.

Medical fasting not only helps to cope with excess weight, improve well-being and achieve rejuvenation, but also allows you to successfully fight many diseases. In addition, food with pauses significantly increases the life expectancy.

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Fasting is not an easy treatment. There are many unpleasant and even unhealthy phenomena that accompany fasting.
Here some of them:

  • Acidotic crisis
  • Insomnia
  • Abdominal pain
  • Pain in the right hypochondrium
  • Quick weight gain
  • Bloating
  • Gastritis
  • Hypertensive crisis

Based on our many years of observations, we can safely say:

  • All of these positive effects of fasting do exist.
  • All the complications observed during fasting are caused by ignorance of how to properly conduct it.

We have developed a training program in which everyone can go hungry, achieve success, while avoiding mistakes and complications completely. To quickly lose weight or cope with most common diseases, it's easy to decide and start the program. The program "Health and Weight" is a way to learn medical starvation at home, but under the control of an experienced physician. If very briefly, it is suggested. The program allows

  • Comfortably achieve optimum weight, well-being and appearance
  • Restore Lost Health


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Watching effects


Weight loss by 1 kg per day.

The state of food comfort in the absence of food.

Reduction of body fat%, usually by 1% per day, starting from the 3rd day.


Reduction and disappearance of puffiness, both in the area of the face and legs, and in the sinuses and bronchi.

Disappears acne and a tendency to the formation of boils.

Complete or partial disappearance of papillomas


Reduction of blood pressure in patients with hypertension and moderate hypotension at rest in others.

Decrease in heart rate to 55-60 beats / min.

Objective improvement in patients with atherosclerosis of the coronary and great vessels.

Reduction or disappearance of dyspnea.


Reduction or disappearance of abdominal pain during peptic ulcer and gastritis (pH normalization).

Often on the fifth day of fasting worms die.

The disappearance of cellulite after the 5th day of fasting.

Kidneys and blood

A distinct improvement in well-being in patients with kidney disease, especially in chronic kidney disease.

On ultrasound, the sand disappears in the gallbladder and renal pelvis.

The blood leukocyte formula is normalized. An increase in the number of leukocytes is observed, usually from 4 to 5-6 thousand / μl.

General well-being

Improve sleep. Increased activity during the day.

As a rule, patients note that they have become more like themselves and others.

The disappearance of the usual plaque on the tongue and smell from the mouth after going out of starvation.

Programs Pricing Plan

Here you can find prices for all program that we have. Also you can choose the program, that you suitable the most.


  • Course length - 1 month
  • Amount of cycles - 1


  • Course length - 3 month
  • Amount of cycles - 3


  • Course length - 6 month
  • Amount of cycles - 6

We understand that sometimes, in addition to problems with health and weight, there are also monetary difficulties, but we cannot offer guidance to the program for free, because a food pause lasting more than 2 days seriously affects the body and its development requires medical supervision. However, you can safely use the "Fasting Day" in everyday life. It is safe, and sometimes it is enough to solve small problems with weight and health.

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