Tatyana Bilan

Dear Alexander Pavlovich!I want to thank you for providing the "Guide to Action". I did not expect such an effect. Lightness in the body, improved eyesight, clearing in the head, I begin to feel again the taste of life! Today came out of the first pause, I think, not the last. The instruction is folded flawlessly. All questions are answered. I discovered a lot of new things in my work, but there is still a lot of work to do.

Very grateful to you. Be healthy. Regards, Bilan Tatiana

Natalia Usik

Hello Alexander Pavlovich. I sincerely thank you for the wonderful method of recovery. My report on the work done for two food pauses with an interval of a month.

Attached to the report photo. Thanks to the method, I got to the magazine page (“Domus design”, the October issue). Thank you for the photo in this magazine!

Good luck to you. Sincerely, Natalia Usik.

Kristina Bondarchuk

Hello Alexander Pavlovich!

I conclude that during the fast you need to lead a more active lifestyle, because as soon as you start to idle, the mental attack begins .... All day today is on the rise. I went to the sauna and ran. Took a contrast shower. The body took these procedures with a bang!

All day, feeling great, did a lot of things. Thoughts come to finish fasting, but I do not want to part with this feeling of lightness and with my reflection in the mirror ... My skin has become soft, velvety, like a baby's!

Olga Gvozdetskaya

Hello Alexander Pavlovich!

I completed the third food pause, with which I congratulate myself !!! During this time, I strengthened my health, got rid of extra 9 kg, the pain went away from the right hypochondrium, I had a good, calm sleep, swelling disappeared from my face and legs, my complexion became lighter, I climbed to the 4th floor without shortness of breath and palpitations. All friends and acquaintances noticed changes in appearance and mood. I wanted to complete the course on this, but now I think about the fact that you can make a couple more pauses, because there is still fat on the sides and on the legs. With each pause, the procedures are made easier, the state of health is cool, and ease throughout the body. I learned how to do an enema, breathe correctly, to get rid of hunger. I am very grateful to you for the technique that brings health and the opportunity to enjoy life. The experience that I received during the food pauses, I will use in my life and further and maintain my body, be cheerful and healthy.

Thank you, I believed in myself, and I know that I will succeed further. Best regards, Olga.

Yuri Dorokhov

In the past, hypertension and overweight (now there is no one and the other).

Original weight 112, now 80.

I live in Chernihiv. I feel good, now I practice yoga and food breaks.

If you have questions to me, you can talk, I do not mind.

Telephone: +38 (067) 3663974

Victor Bogatyr

Report after three food pauses.

Preliminary considerations.

What do I want to get on the way out?

At the beginning of the first fast on March 23, 2013, my weight with an increase of 179 cm was 104.2 kg, which, of course, requires a reduction to at least 85 kg.

Since adolescence, the pressure is on average 145 to 95 and higher depending on the situation.

In addition, I have gallstone disease, sand in the kidneys ...

My strategic goals

1. Bring digestible weight
2. Normalize pressure.

Result after three food pauses.



I got my way. The results make me happy.


Gennady Kupisok

Dear Alexander Pavlovich!

I complete the fourth food break from July 15 to July 21, 2012

Feelings all 7 days were excellent. No problem.

Everything worked out as in your beautifully designed training manual with improvements in tubage and additional exercises after it. Every day, good mood and no surprises. Huge performance and creativity.

Great sleep. According to your scale, the results for the day are 58-60 points. In 7 days I lost 5 kg. Only A/P leaves much to be desired.

The pressure has gone down already, but it is somewhere around 140/90. I will work on it. All the time I sent you words of gratitude for your talent and your civil courage.

Briefly my achievements in four months and four f/b:

1. Lost 15 kg. There was 80, became 65. I dream to resist.
2. A/P decreased. It was 190-200 / at 120-110, it was 140-150 at 90-95.
3. Vision improved. I know I will get rid of cataracts. Himself, with your help.
4. And most importantly, what you boldly assert, I felt it on myself.
5. I, of course, looked younger. Not only body, but also soul.
6. I have acquired, with your help, an absolutely wonderful habit of eating pause.

Thank you for your talent and professional support.

I wish you health and lots of joy and success in all your endeavors in life.

With deep respect,

Andrew Biletsky

Alexander Pavlovich,

I mastered the program, dropped 12 kg, my health improved... everyone asks what happened to me... I like the program and there are already a dozen people who also want to try. Today is the third day of feeling excellent, all your recommendations to the point.

With best regards,
Andriy Bіletsky

Svetlana Neshadim

Made three food breaks, weight loss 23 kg. Well-being is great!

Valentina Kleschikova

Hello, dear doctor!

I again paused for 4 days: from July 23 to July 27. I started with a weight of 58 kg, got again my 55.5 kg, i.e. minus 2.5 kg, as last time.

My husband, who has never missed an opportunity to criticize me, especially for being overweight, said: “Everyone admires you. Everyone is jealous of me. Now I’m afraid ... Maybe you don’t have to lose weight?”

Sincerely, Valentina Kleschikova

Andy Z.

Dear Alexander,

This is a letter of thanks for your Method - Food Pause. In the summer of July 2013, I turned to Alexander Voroshilov for help in losing weight. I knew that hunger is not a very popular weight loss method. But after all the diets that do not work, I decided to try. With a height of 163 cm, I weighed 82 kg. Was under stress. I wanted to get pregnant.

We talked with Alexander on Skype. I chose option 3 food pause. In July 2013, I spent my first food break - 7 days of hunger strike lost 5 kg. The week flew by. Vain fears are gone. She reported to Alexander every day how the day went, what were the sensations. For three months I lost 12 kg and spent 4 food pauses. I feel great, In October I did a blood test, the tests were excellent. Anemia as blown away. Hormonal balance improved. In the morning I did a pregnancy test - the test is positive. I was jumping from happiness, Alexander!

Dear women and men - if you want to put your health in order, start a food pause. Love yourself and give yourself the opportunity to feel young, beautiful and healthy again.


Svetlana Minaeva

Tale of where children come from

In January 2007, I was diagnosed with hormonal sterility, and in March of the same year we divorced Vova ...

When the test for the first time in my life showed me 2 strips on October 21, I did not believe it. However, I still do not always believe.

That does not prevent Vare at all from eating his chest, frowning in his sleep, spreading his toes and lybitsya.


Oksana Norguet

Good afternoon, Alexander Pavlovich!

Exactly one year has passed since the exchange of our first messages and the first food pause. Now we are happy parents of a 3-month baby Maxim!

Everything is fine with us, I got in shape after childbirth and at the end of breastfeeding I intend to reapply your fasting program.


Liliya Gorelaya

Good afternoon, Alexander Pavlovich!

Thank you for your advice. 8 years of fasting experience (a system close to Malakhov's system). The food pause in the system of Dr. Voroshilov - 11 days (from November 7 to November 17 inclusive).

Weight before the start of the program - 64 kg (it was not possible to reduce in other ways: changing the food system, increasing physical activity, reducing the amount of food). Weight at the end of the program - 58.5 kg. Weight Loss - 5.5 kg

General condition - easy, clean, state of fullness. Sufficient amount of energy. Unlike previous fasting practices, this time the amount of energy did not decrease (earlier the body required more sleep).

Errors: on the third day of the food pause - guests, home party - many, many samples of food “by a little”. I did the cleansing as before entering the hunger, continued the practice.

Two times during the food pause, circumstances prevented us from doing the necessary cleaning procedures. Gravity, bitterness, dry mouth was not observed. The sclera has become much lighter, the eyes are clear, shining. The skin became cleaner, as if denser - not visible minor flaws, even out skin tone.

From the loss: expected more weight loss, and therefore prolonged the duration of hunger.

The general conclusion - the system is quite suitable for me. Ready and will follow it further.

Lily Gorelaya

Roman Shkalenko

Dear Alexander Pavlovich!

I report to you on the work done. For six months I spent 5 food breaks. And achieved very good results. I entered the first pause with a weight of 125 kilograms, and after 3 months I had a weight of 94 kilograms. And now I have this weight constant. During this time, my general state of health has improved, and some specific sores such as hypertension, hemorrhoids (hid and not disturbed) have disappeared. Partially, allergic to chlorinated water, nail fungus. The subsequent food pauses (I have been practicing for four years) are going very well, I began to enjoy them. ”

Alexander Pavlovich, such work has been carried out by me and I am very grateful to you that you shared with me your developments and I was able to apply them to improve my health. Thank! If you still have something new, please tell me. With thanks,
Shkalenko Roman Vladimirovich.

Andrey Gapchenko

Good afternoon, Alexander!

In accordance with your methodology, spent 2 food pauses lasting 7 and 4 days. Between the food pauses was a weekly period of nutrition. After the first food pause, weight reduction from 131.4 to 124.5 kg. In the weekly period after the first pause, the change in weight is 124.5 to 126.5 kg. After the second food pause for 4 days - 122.8 kg. As a result, the state of health improved, pain in the joints disappeared. Reduced pressure from 165/110 to 155/100. In general, the holding of food breaks does not cause difficulties. No negative symptoms were observed.

I am waiting for further instructions.

Andrey Gapchenko

Nina Fedchun

Dear Alexander Pavlovich!

Probably many of your clients are grateful for your help, I join a huge number of happy women ... I managed it thanks to your recommendations. With sincere wishes of goodness and grace. Nina.

... I managed a weekly food pause ... and I survived it, thanks to YOUR GUIDE !!!!!!!

TOTAL 1 - it took 9.5 kg in 7 days !!!! Hooray!!!

SUMMARY 2 - 2.7 kg added during the exit from fasting ...

Total weight loss - 6.8 kg in one week

x x

1. The feeling of hunger was absent all the days of fasting.

2. Weight loss - 6 kg.

3. Flushing water, after the main enema, brown.

The first 3 days of well-being. From the fourth day of headache and nausea, a brown patina appeared on the tongue. At the same time, increased art. pressure. The condition returned to normal after your advice. By the end of the pause, pain appeared in the left hypochondrium. ?? In usual time the pancreas sometimes disturbed. The exit from the pause is normal, the well-being is good. While 1 kg returned. weight. When can I start the next pause?

Olga Myagkova

Hello, Alexander Pavlovich.

During the first food pause, I lost - 85-78.4 = 6.6 kg.

Volumes were 118-107-117, steel 107-97-111. The result is superb!

Thank you for the invaluable advice. Now, slowly and calmly observing them, I read your recommendations for getting out of the food pause. Thank you so much for this wonderful, clever and detailed method.


Lina Novik

Good afternoon, dear Alexander Pavlovich!

I am sending you a report on the fourth food pause and exit.

The pause was from 5.09 to 11.09.

A pause went well on feeling. According to your recommendation, before the pause, for 2 days I made a tubage. Mobilization was carried out by Kholosas, tubage by magnesia and, for 4.5 days, olive oil with lemon juice. There was no attack on the tongue. There was no dry mouth. The pressure is normal. Sleep is good. Saw warmed red wine for the night 4 days.

I want to start the 5th pause the other day.


Tatiana Dumskaya

The second pause was again "on the written", there were no problems. Food after a pause - according to a selected option. Weight loss is about 4 kg (sinned on shish-kebabs a little), the total weight loss in two cycles is about 8 kg. But weight is not the most important thing, the main thing is my general well-being !!! Sugar fell, not to the norm, but already very well. My head stopped making noise altogether, my period came on time and without acne and pain, my working ability increased. In general, some positive feelings. I like. And it seems to me that at a certain point (towards the end of the third week) the body itself asks for unloading. Tomorrow I'll start the third pause. Thank you for the technique!


Good afternoon, Alexander Pavlovich!

Ira Vinyarskaya

On Saturday, December 8, (weight 77.8 kg) immediately began with a violation. Eating pause recommended to start after a light dinner. I made a “Farewell to Food” because I was on my birthday. Tubage held (2 tablespoons of sorbitol + a glass of water and a heater on the liver), after 10 minutes. I ate a teaspoon of soda, washed down with a glass of water.

English salt (2 powders of 20 grams of boiled water, wait until it cools and squeezes the juice of one lime). I cleaned like this, I thought that brains would also jump out together in all the excrements. Ran long and often ...

She made two enemas, for some reason she doubted the correctness of the performance, since the water released after the main enema was, though not very transparent, but left much to be desired in the sense of darkness of color.

Day one (9/12/12). Weight - 77,400

I got on the scales and was surprised, because it took only 400 grams. After such a crazy cleaning! Yes, yesterday's dinner was a success!

... The seventh day. (12/15/12). Weight - 73,200

Minus 700 gr. In the morning - the main enema. A glass of water with a spoon of honey. Happy as ever thought about food. Maybe because this is the last day of fasting. Long thought to what type of exit from fasting to begin tomorrow. Decided to protein. Perhaps this is my mistake. My idea is fixed - raw foods, I again push aside for an incomprehensible time.

In the church, one friend of the young man gave me a compliment, said that my eyes were burning, another lady asked: "Did you do something with plastic?" In the evening I ate 2 tablespoons of bran and 100 grams of kefir. Then magnesia, soda, hot water bottle. In parallel, cook the chicken for tomorrow. Already a chicken molecule pinched. By night, it was especially dry in the mouth, the fingertips were also dry. She could not resist pouring dom.syrupa, divorced with water, overturned - well! An hour later (closer to the night), I strongly wanted a sweet one — I drank a glass of water with holosas. Day one after a food break (12/16/12). Weight 73 kg exactly!

It took 8 days - 4,800 kg. I'm happy.

As Baron Munchausen said: "This is certainly not a feat, but there is something heroic about it!" I respect myself a lot.

Olga G.

The second week of fasting 77 - 72 kg.

Alexander Pavlovich! I took into account your advice during the second food pause. All week I took a drop of lemongrass tincture. Tuba mushrooms, for me the best option, after 2 hours did an enema, when bending to the right, the pain in the right hypochondrium was very weak. I worked on a cardio-simulator, took a douche, was active, but the morale was heavier. Alexander Pavlovich, can this be due to the fact that I care for my sick mother? Weakness and slight dizziness were present very often. The fasting period was much easier, the feeling of hunger in the aftermath of the fast was easily eliminated during the day, and in the evening I was eating a little and again. In general, I am satisfied with the result: the weight has decreased, the state of health has improved, there is more joy on my face and I begin to love myself! It's great!

Thanks you!

Dmitriy Rozhnov

Good day dear Alexander Pavlovich!

According to your methodology today I finish the third food pause. Very pleased and grateful to you !!! The technique is just super !!! Everything went pretty smoothly. For the third time in general, almost without difficulty, if you don’t find it difficult to pick new holes in the belt !! )) The general numbers are as follows. At the beginning of the path you showed, my weight was 81.5 kg. with a height of 170 cm. Finishing the third pause, in my little body, to my joy there are 72 kg left !!! Each time after a pause, the weight gain was 2.5-3 kg. After the third day, the first pause, I forgot about the pressure, which is still normal. The skin has refreshed like a snake! )) Lost dark spots on the elbows! I am cheerful and young! Feel great! Pause will continue, once a month for 5-7, or even more days.!

Thank you very much Alexander Pavlovich!

Sincerely, Dmitry Leonidovich, Volgograd.

Vladimir Balmachnykh

Salute, Alexander Pavlovich!

Morning of the 4th day of fasting of the second food pause. Sugar 4.3 Weight 96.4. I entered with a weight of 101.2 ie minus 4.8 kg The result pleases !!!! The technique is the best !!!! The first PP included June 17 with a weight of 111 kg. Minus 15 in 2 months is fantastic!

Anastasia Gvozdetskaya

Hello Alexander Pavlovich!

So the selected program has come to an end. The third food pause has been completed. It was easier to conduct it than the previous two. All previous mistakes were taken into account and the correct exercise was mastered. The state of health has become much better, and the appearance just pleases not only me, but also those around me.

After watching your videos, I decided not to stop there, but to make a food pause, if not every month, for 5-7 days, then at least once a quarter, that's for sure! After all, the cumulative effect can not but rejoice! The video was shot very well, and the questions are revealed. It's great that you decided to make such a channel! Information is perceived much easier from the first mouth!

Thank you for your knowledge and experience that you share with people, because they really dramatically change lives for the better.

Boris Bondarenko

Dear Alexander Pavlovich!

The 7-day full-time health insurance period significantly improved my well-being. The manual you wrote helped a lot in practical actions. And, despite my long-standing interest in the healing properties of fasting, I now learned a lot of new and useful things for myself. The mistakes of the 10-day and 21-day fastings carried out in the past (1979, 1989) have become clear. Under your leadership, everything goes much calmer, more confident and reliable.

Thank you for support. I honestly did not hope that you will take сare on me with my arrhythmia. By the way, I practically don’t feel, it only when I rest. The diary of self-observation did not keep, but here are some total estimates.

I will be glad to hear from you further recommendations and suggestions.

So, since the beginning of the implementation of your Health and Weight Program, 20 kg has been lost. The result is good. Life energy has increased, the state of health in comparison with the past has improved markedly.