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First step

The desire to look good, to feel young and healthy is always there, but he is opposed to craving for pleasure and comfort. Food - the territory where good wishes are broken about everyday life. As a result, there is no health, and food does not bring joy.

We propose a technique in which the contradictions between the natural “want” and reasonable “must” are organized into a program, and the difficulties are minimized.

This program was developed by a doctor with thirty years of practice, but it would not have appeared without the participation of thousands of his patients. They helped to better understand what was done successfully, and what should be thrown away at all. The distinctive side of the program is its availability. It does not require special conditions, heroic efforts, allocated time or big money.

We spend all this without reason. You just need to decide and start!

The program "Health and Weight" is based on the method of conducting medical fasting, confirmed by the copyright certificate for the invention and protected by the patent of Ukraine.

How to connect to the program?

You can either send the completed questionnaire (at the bottom of this page), or write a free-form message (on the “Contacts” page) indicating the weight, height, age and main health problems. Based on this information, it will be decided if our program can help you. If yes, we will select a patronizing doctor and a suitable guide to solving your problems. You will receive the answer on the same day.

After payment of the selected program option (see below), we will send you a manual.

The manual is a step by step guide to the necessary actions. Each step is quite simple, and the result can be checked immediately. If successful, go to the next step. In case of failure - a call or a letter to the patronizing physician, who will advise how to proceed.

In this way, the program has already been successfully mastered by more than twenty thousand of our wards.

What are we learning? Many believe that fasting is useful, but is fraught with inevitable difficulties, that it requires special conditions, time and personal qualities. This is not true. The skills acquired in the program allow any person to quietly go without food for a week or longer, it is easy to avoid typical violations characteristic of “spontaneous starvation” or starvation using an ill-conceived method. Those who adhere to it do not have feelings of hunger, weakness, fainting, plaque on the tongue, injuries of the stomach, congestion in the gallbladder, acidotic crisis, and problems with returning to normal diet. After fasting, there is neither a strong desire to eat nor a pullback in weight.

Acquired skills allow you to maintain the state of food comfort in any selected (and even random) diet. For example, you can switch to two meals a day or eat only once every two days, stick to a certain diet or make food breaks.

The effectiveness of the program. The fact that the program is beneficial, it becomes apparent from the very first days due to the improvement of well-being and appearance. Weight loss is usually 1% per day of initial body weight. Improved health indicators such as: blood pressure, blood sugar levels, skin, joints, and digestive organs. This is felt already in the period of the first food pause. But, of course, for the trend to continue, it needs to be supported.

What is required from the program member?

Time. During the food pause period, the program will require no more than two hours a day from you to perform the procedures (usually before bedtime), plus a few minutes during the day..

Expenses. During participation in the program, your family expenses will not become more. On the contrary, you can significantly save on the cost of products that would have been eaten in the same period of time, on medications and medical services.

Discipline. Each version of the program involves individual medical patronage of varying complexity and duration. Success depends largely on how diligently you follow our recommendations. Experience shows that the program is accessible to everyone who wishes to master it.

Medication. As a rule, medications are not used in the program - we use the usual means found in every home (baking soda, citric acid, vegetable broth). They help to correct the changes in the body and accelerate fat metabolism, and also make the "bad" cholesterol in the "good". To prepare for fasting and as it progresses, some common means are used in usual dosages - for example, magnesium sulfate.

There are also situations when the patient has “been working for a pharmacy” for a long time (accepts hypotensive, hypoglycemic or other means). As experience has shown, food pauses are completely compatible with medication and other types of treatment, and over time, medication can be abandoned.

Programs Pricing Plan

Here you can find prices for all program that we have. Also you can choose the program, that you suitable the most.


  • Course length - 1 month
  • Amount of cycles - 1


  • Course length - 3 month
  • Amount of cycles - 3


  • Course length - 6 month
  • Amount of cycles - 6

How does our training system work?

If you've taken interest in intermittent fasting program by Dr. Voroshilov, register on our site and fill out the form. After the registration, you'll get access to your Personal Cabinet, containing the form. You have to write in your data (weight, height, age, nature of your health issues) and send it to us. A response will appear in your Personal Cabinet within 24 hours. The site operator will inform you whether cyclical fasting is suitable for solving your problems and which course option we advise you to choose. If you're happy with our terms, pay for the course you've chosen, using any credit card and from any country. Within 30 minutes after the payment, the whole training package needed to conduct a food pause and the doctor's consent to guide you will appear in your Personal Cabinet. You may start the program on any day convenient for you. There is a possibility that, when mastering our technique, you might have some problems or questions for the doctor, concerning the procedures. All our patients can contact their guiding doctors directly, using their phones, WhatsApp, Viber, or Skype.


This is the modern version of the almost forgotten home doctor. His features are the availability of a doctor at any time and his personal interest in your success. The doctor provides an individual program of recovery and weight correction, gives recommendations on nutrition and tips on how to make your lifestyle more healthy. His phone, mail and Skype are always open, which guarantees safety and success to all program participants, wherever they are.

The program was developed and conducted by the highest category doctor Alexander Pavlovich Voroshilov. He has been involved in nutrition, fasting and longevity for more than 20 years. Under his patronage, more than 30,000 people have mastered the technique, and now his followers are in many countries around the world.

The choice of program options. Years of experience shows that success in the fight against obesity or disease is 80% dependent on the "head". It’s bad when a person needs to lose 30 kg, and he sets a goal: “I’ll throw off 5 first, and then we’ll see.” As a rule, he will only lose 5 kg, having spent all his determination on the way. If you set the maximum goal, the possible difficulties will be perceived only as a temporary inconvenience.

We advise you to choose a program option that will allow you to achieve complete victory over the problem posed.

By weight, you should navigate as follows:

  • on elimination of 5-7 kg, on average, it takes 1 week, plus 1-2 weeks to stabilize (option № 1);
  • if the weight exceeds the norm by 10-15 kg, it is better to choose option № 2 with a duration of 3 months;
  • the 6th variant, designed for 6 months, is proposed for those whose weight exceeds the norm by 20 kg or more.
  • The recommendation for choosing an option in a specific case also depends on the state of health.

    The correct weight. Determining your “correct weight” is not difficult. There is a simple formula.

  • for men: weight = height - 100 (cm);
  • for women: weight = height - 110 (cm);
  • More accurate formulas do not significantly affect the result.

    How we are working? The basis for the interaction of the doctor with the patient within the program is a “guide”. It is selected based on your individual characteristics (weight, height, age, health, eating habits), the selected program options and specific goals. The necessary information about yourself should be reported in the Questionnaire. You can be called by any name, but we somehow guarantee complete confidentiality. The guide is sent to your e-mail after the message about the payment made. It is a kind of self-help book on nutrition and fasting with feedback. You can get the necessary advice, advice or support from a patronizing doctor at any time.

    Application form - the first phase of dating. The main thing is that you fill out five points: weight, height, age, problems that you would like to part with, and, of course, e-mail. You will surely get an answer whether our program is able to help you and in what way, how long it will take and how much it will cost. We will also send you the first (trial) part of the program, in which there are answers to frequently asked questions. Try to point out what you really care about. Try to determine the time frame for which you would like to get rid of these problems. If this is not possible, we will write to you, and if in principle really - we will help.

    We are sure that nature has given everyone the opportunity to use extra weight to restore health. If you have it, the program suits you. Probably everyone dreams of looking good, not sad about health and age. If power control helps him in this, then our program is suitable for everyone. Sometimes it seems that opportunities are limited, weight is beyond control, and diseases become chronic. It remains only to wait, endure and accept. But we believe that any of us has a chance to improve our lives, and this is proved by the examples of our patients. The program has already helped many, has become part of life for thousands of people, whose number is constantly increasing. She will help you.