Effects of fasting


For about 20 years, we have been observing changes in the body of our patients, conducting a food pause. Almost always there is a natural series of events similar to those seen by the doctor with the successful appointment of medicines. At the same time, unlike drugs, properly conducted fasting never causes side effects or deterioration in the health of patients.

However, let's start with contraindications.

They are few. The first is a lack of body weight. The second is rapid weight loss from an unclear cause. The third is an acute illness that requires specialized therapy.

The necessary conditions for the food pause are the initial well-being of a person and his desire to participate in fasting treatment.

Observed effects:

  1. Lowering the weight by 1 kg per day.
  2. The state of food comfort in the absence of food.
  3. Reduction and disappearance of swelling, both in the face and legs, and in the nasal sinuses and bronchi.
  4. Reduced norm of secretory activity of glands (eyes, nose, oral cavity, bronchus, sweat glands.
  5. The acne and propensity to form boils disappears.
  6. Elimination of allergic reactions (nasal congestion, lacrimation, itching, sweats, blisters). Reducing the amount of eosinophils in the blood.
  7. Lowering blood pressure in patients with hypertension and moderate hypotension at rest in others.
  8. Decreased heart rate to 55-60 ace. / Min.
  9. Objective improvement in patients with atherosclerosis of the coronary and major vessels.
  10. Reduction or loss of dyspnea.
  11. Reduction or disappearance of abdominal pain in peptic ulcer and gastritis (normalization of pH).
  12. Reduction of ALT, AST and bilirubin in people who have had hepatitis.
  13. The disappearance of the usual plaque in the language and smell of the mouth after leaving the hunger strike.
  14. Reduced joint pain and increased mobility. Reduction of ESR.
  15. Substantial improvement of appearance. Smoothing wrinkles, enlightening sclera, pale pigment spots.
  16. The disappearance of cellulite after the 5th day of fasting.
  17. With complete or partial disappearance of papillomas.
  18. Often on the fifth day of fasting die the worms.
  19. Signs of functional improvement in prostatitis.
  20. Reducing the size of nodes in mastopathy and fibromyomas.
  21. The disappearance of itching and inflammation in neurodermatitis and eczema. Rapid epithelization.
  22. Lowering blood sugar, essential on the third day and up to 3-4 mmol / l in the future. In patients with diabetes, sugar is reduced without medication, but more slowly.
  23. Significant improvement in well-being in patients with kidney disease, especially in chronic renal insufficiency.
  24. The ultrasound disappears in the gall bladder and kidneys.
  25. Normalized leukocyte blood formula. There is an increase in the number of leukocytes, usually from 4 to 5-6 thousand / Mcl.
  26. Growth of hemoglobin on average by 20%.
  27. Reduce% body fat, usually by 1% per day starting from day 3.
  28. Improve sleep. Increase activity by day.
  29. As a rule, patients note that they became more like themselves and others.
  30. Objective improvement in the parameters of variation pulsometry (HVR), such as: reducing biological age, reducing the intensity of the autonomic nervous system, improving the balance of its departments, increasing resistance to stress and stress.
  31. After a food pause, often the restored menstrual cycle is restored.
  32. A few food pauses, held in a certain phase of the menstrual cycle, allow you to get rid of hormonal infertility.
  33. In the past, food pauses patients easily tolerate anesthesia, surgery, and the postoperative period proceeds without complications.